Downunder hidden roller

Looking to build a pool cover pit. We have the ultimate solution for you. When planning to build a pool or looking to renovate or landscape your pool area. The Downunder hidden roller the greatest cover pit to install and is such a simple system for everyone to use. From mum, dad, kids .. The lid, a simple finger lift. The cover, completely hidden. Don't spend $$$ building a cover pit, building a lid, gas struts etc etc. 


In deck hidden roller HERE

In ground hidden roller HERE

Rollers HERE

More and more pool owners are hiding their pool covers underground using the Sunbather Downunder hidden roller pool cover system. Pool covers are great for saving water, energy and save you money, however you don’t want to look at them. The Sunbather Downunder hidden roller range is very easy to use for one person, lift the lid with 1 finger and is operated from a standing position with a robust design.

2019 standard sizes: (Downunder hidden roller must be wider than pool by at least 300mm, however we suggest 200mm allowance each side and is centred to make your pool area look amazing). 

We can cut to my length at an additional cost.

Download install guide here

  • 3.1m available
  • 3.4m available 
  • 3.9m available
  • 4.4m available 
  • 4.9m available 
  • 5.4m available