Solar Service

Book a Sunbather onsite service now for peace of mind.

Like any piece of equipment with moving and electrical parts, carrying out regular maintenance is the best way of ensuring a long and trouble free service life of your solar pool heating system.  If your solar system is not performing properly then your pool will simply not get up to your desired temperature.  Sunbather recommend an annual service to ensure your solar is working to optimum levels, and to identify and prevent any unnecessary future expense.  A service includes but of course is not limited to:

  • Thorough inspection of your solar collector and roof adhesion
  • Cleaning of the solar collector area of debris and rubbish to allow rain flow
  • Inspect your pump ensuring it’s producing adequate pressures and flow rates
  • Test and ensure your solar controller and sensors are accurately working
  • Inspect pipework for cracking, damage or fatigue
  • Filter - Sand change, leaks and general maintenance 

We service any brand of solar and give you a full condition and recommendations report.

Other services:

  • Pool pump service
  • Filter service
  • General leaks
  • Faulty waterfalls
  • Cleaners