Pool Solar Heating & Heat Pump Combo

The Ultimate heating combination:

  • Pool Solar heating - To do all the heavy work to heat your pool
  • Heat Pump - To top up your pool temperature from a higher base

If you are thinking of the ultimate long term heating solution, that will not only save you money over time, but give you the widest swimming season out of all pool heating options.

Example - September 28 degree target:

  • Ambient pool temp 14
  • Solar heating with thermal blanket 22 degrees (Weather dependant)
  • Heat pump would only need to heat the pool 6 degrees

This means your appliances will work less and be more efficient over time. A heat pump alone will struggle to keep your pool up to temp and cost valuable $$. Money that would be better spent elsewhere. 

 Ideal option:

Zodiac Z400 MD5 (Single phase) 13.6 KW SHOP NOW

Pool Solar heating (Required pool surface area sqm) - SHOP NOW