School pool - funding application and grants

Sunbather is a pool system that not only benefits your school / community but also contributes to a sustainable future!

By incorporating Sunbather Solar in your swimming facilities, your school can enjoy an extended swimming season, allowing students and the community to engage in aquatic activities for twice the amount of time (September - May).
What makes the system more beneficial, is that it utilises free energy from the sun, eliminating the need for costly heating solutions. This means significant savings for your school.  

Sunbather have successfully installed solar heating systems into a growing list of NZ schools.

Moreover, investing in Sunbather Solar is an investment in our future. By relying on renewable energy, we can reduce our carbon footprint and demonstrate our commitment to combating climate change. This decision aligns perfectly with a school's values of promoting sustainability and environmental consciousness.

In addition to the environmental benefits, the Sunbather Solar system will pay for itself over time, offering long-term cost savings for your school. This financial aspect, combined with the educational opportunities for NZ students to learn about renewable energy and sustainability, makes Sunbather Solar a compelling choice.

Sunbather school grants and funding

If you are a school or a swimming club associated to a school, we may be able to help you fund for pool related equipment. 

We work with a funding group and could facilitate funding for:

  • Grants and funding for swimming pools
  • Pool solar heating
  • Pool heat pumps and gas heaters
  • Swimming pool rollers and blankets
  • Pool filtration

Solar vs non-solar pool heating

We have a simple heating solution that is cheap to run. Solar will only cost you around $400 per year to run. 

Heat pumps are expensive to install and expensive to run. So if you're installing a heat pump be careful that you've allowed for running costs (these can roll into the thousands or tens of thousands $ per year).

Make sure you ask any heat pump installer questions regarding the actual cost to run so that you make an informed decision. If you're unsure, we're happy to provide non-obligation advice and quotes. 

If you are unsure and need to ask any questions, let us know - or call to chat on 021 023 32600. 



Manurewa central - HiPEC solar heating, 4mm heat guard thermal blanket and commercial rollers

Weymouth school - 4mm Heat guard thermal blanket, HiPEC solar heating and commercial rollers