Sunbather flexible HiPEC solar strip - Fixing to roof materials

Sunbather flexible HiPEC solar strip is a PVC composite material and will not break down over time. While it looks like rubber or EPDM, it is made from super strong, long lasting and ultra high UV rating.

Fixing to roof materials

We use Gorilla 240FC MS Adhesive:
  • Glued off at approx 600mm 
  • Brackets can be glued to the roof material(Membrane material). However in most cases, brackets will need to be rivet to the high parts of the ridge
  • No roof penetrations.
  • High wind zone below, no problems see pic
  • Hardness Shore A shows Gorilla MS will be the most flexible, faster to move.
  • Tear strength shows FixAll High Tack is the best adhesive with 3.2N/mm2 which effectively means 320kg/10mm2. It is an impressive strength as by coating 10cm2 with FixAll High Tack, it can hold a weight of 320kg! 
  • According to cure rates, and skin formation times, FixAll High Tack is fastest to cure

Overall, Gorilla 240FC benefit flexibility and when spread over 10cm2, it will hold a weight of 180kg. Its cure rate is faster than Gorilla MS. So overall, 240FC is a very good choice being a strong adhesive yet benefit the flexibility of a sealant. 


We have tested and most roof materials. Call us and let us know how we can help with more info. Call Justin on 02102332600 or email

Comparative table, i.e. High tack vs standard MS:


FixAll High Tack

Gorilla 240FC

Gorilla MS

Hardness Shore A




Tear strength N/mm2




Curing rate (20C, 65% R.V.)




Skin formation