Sunbather Hipec Solar Stripe

Solar stripe can be custom made to fit any roof size and can out perform other solar panel systems. We simply take the water from your pool and feed it up to your roof. The Sun will do the hard work and return heated water back to your pool. We take care of the pressure, fixing the solar to the roof and making sure is it a water tight system, so you can enjoy a warm pool. This is by far the mot efficient way to heat your pool. 

We use single run, which means there are only 2 joins per tube. This way we reduce the risk of any leaks.

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Key features:

  • Ideal optimum length 8m -12m
  • Flexible, expands and contracts with heat
  • Can withstand NZ harsh UV
  • It can be built around any roof obstacle, and installed across multiple roof sections
  • Perforated matting that promotes water flow
  • Solar strips with large end loops are unsightly
  • Sunbather developed the first “Flat Loop”
  • In 2004 it won a Gold medal for its innovation
  • Flat Loop is for the customer who wants better looking solar at a fractionally higher price
  • Sunbather’s Flat Loop is the only welded loop
  • There are no joins and therefore no leaks
  • For over 45 years, Sunbather has manufactured their unique HiPEC solar pool heating in Melbourne
  • HiPEC is tougher, lighter, and delivers higher thermal response than alternatives
  • Despite competition from cheap imports, Sunbather continues to produce higher quality solar systems
  • Built to survive the Australian sun it generates local jobs and supports local communities



  • Sunbather & CSIRO created the 6 tube solar
  • It combines optimum tube diameter, spacing, and thickness to deliver a higher thermal heat transfer
  • Decades of testing and thousands of commercial installations prove HiPEC 6 tube strips are best
  • It consistently outperforms panel systems
  • The Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra selected Sunbather to heat their pool

Total flow:

  • Correctly sizing solar systems is complicated
  • Pumps, pressures, flowrates, and hydraulics must all be considered and finely balanced
  • Sunbather’s unique Solar Sizing App was created to calculate the maximum heating efficiency
  • Sunbather is widely known as the leading advisor to trade and commercial clients

Ultimate flexibility:

  • Electric Solar Panels, Skylights, Air Cons, Flues, and Hot Water panels all take up roof space
  • Sunbather solar strip is the most flexible available
  • It can be built around any roof obstacle, and installed across multiple roof sections
  • It has holes in the webbing to allow light through where it’s installed over clear roof sections

    Additional products:

    • Solar controllers 
    • Accessories

    We offer a 5 year warrant and service cycle. This ensures the Solar system performs to its optimum level