How do I clean the dust in my pool?

We often get asked, how do I get the dust out of my pool?

This dust is also called 'Fines'. If is the residue left over over cleaning.

Dirt and debris hits the water. the water will break this apart into large parts, small to medium bits and fine parts. A suction vacuum and robotic cleaner has a basket made up with various sized mesh. This will dictate how much rubbish will be removed from the pool system. 

We want to remove all debris out of the pool filtration system and this has to be done a few different ways. 

  1. Robotic cleaner - Will remove most of the debris, Link to Cleaners HERE
  2. Brushing the pool - Link to cleaning products HERE
  3. Vacuum to waste - The last line of defence that will completely remove  the 'Fines' from your pool

Things to remember:

Pool filtration

A pool pump and filter is designed to filter water and create water flow that ultimately sanitise the water. I usually say that a suction vacuum connected to the pool pump and filter will reduce how much you can cycle and filter the water in the pool and will also reduce total water flow.

Generally when a pool is designed, the skimmer and return jets have been designed to have apposing pressure. This pressure creates water flow. Ideally we do not want to change this flow and pressure to make sure we have great water quality.

Robotic cleaner

Independent pool cleaner that will also help to cycle water and promotes water flow within the pool. Because it will stir up the pool water. This is a bonus. 

Because a Robotic cleaner is not connected to the pool filtration it will limit the amount of junk that will flow through out the pump and filter. So your filtration can focus on filtering the water and sanitising the water. 

Suction vacuum 

An old school vacuum cleaner work great in the old days. Now we have amazing new technology that has been punched into some incredible new cleaners. Things like;

  • 4WD models
  • Pressure sensors, so your cleaner doesn't get stuck
  • Mapping technology - Because all pools are different
  • Drive your cleaner from your mobile

A suction cleaner attached to your skimmer can drastically reduce the flow of water in your pool. If your suction cleaner gets stuck in a corner or a step, that will kill the water flow. Over all effecting the water quality.

When the hose breaks or leaks, this will bring air into the filtration system. This will reduce pressure in your pump and filter and reduce water flow. 

Vacuum to waste process:

Clean as much of the debris out of the pool using your robotic cleaner. 

No robotic cleaner can pick up fines.

I would do that maybe every 2-3 weeks

To remove fines:

  • Leave the pump off in the morning
  • The night before do a brush from the shallow end, towards the deep end of the pool
  • Promote the water flow by brushing the pool in 1 direction
  • The outcome is to get all the fines into one area
  • In the morning, you will set up your suction cleaner connected to the skimmer. Turn filter to waste and vacuum the fines completely out of the pool system
  • You will dump about 500-800 ltrs depending on how long you vacuum for.
  • Tuen you pump off and Disconnect your suction vacuum and turn filter back to filter position
  • This process will absolutely remove fines from your pool. Otherwise you simple cycle the fines within the pool system
  • Fines can go through almost any filter and vacuum system. Again, you must remove completely from the pool
  • Repeat this each day until you have removed completely from your pool. Usually 2-3 mornings
  • We are making a video on how to video and I’ll send link once we make it.
  • This is basic maintenance of a pool

Link to how to video: HERE


Link to robotic cleaners: HERE