The Pool Solar Splash Emission Reduction sponsorship fund PSSERS

Strengthening Kaitiakitanga:  Fostering Sustainable Futures through School-based Renewable Energy Initiatives


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Introducing the Pool Solar Splash Emission Reduction Sponsorship Fund PSSERS: Transitioning Schools to Solar-Powered Pool Heating for a Greener Future. 

Our company funded program has over $120,000* of sponsorship funds available with various amounts available, from September 2023 - August 31st 2024. 

We stand at a pivotal moment in our collective journey towards a sustainable future, where the need to safeguard our environment is more pressing than ever before. As stewards of this beautiful land, it is our responsibility as Kaitiaki to ensure that our actions today lead to a healthier and thriving planet for generations to come. With this ethos at heart, we are excited to introduce the Pool Solar Splash Emission Reduction Sponsorship Fund PSSERS: Transitioning Schools to Solar-Powered Pool Heating for a Greener Future. An opportunity for schools to champion the use of renewable resources, specifically through the integration of solar heating systems for their swimming pools.

The essence of kaitiakitanga, one of the taonga of the Tiriti o Waitangi is deeply  embedded in Māori cultural principles.  This calls upon us to care for and protect & preserve the natural world. Harnessing the power of renewable energy aligns harmoniously with these principles, reflecting a commitment to responsible resource management and sustainable practices. By leveraging the abundant energy of the sun to heat swimming pools, schools can exemplify the ideals of kaitiakitanga while making meaningful contributions to lowering emissions and fostering environmental consciousness within their communities.

The Pool Solar Splash Emission Reduction sponsorship fund Program PSSERS, is more than a mere financial opportunity; it is a chance for schools to become leaders in sustainable education. By implementing solar heating systems for their pools, schools not only reduce their carbon footprint but also demonstrate to students, staff, and the broader community the tangible benefits of transitioning to renewable energy source and our larger kaitiakitanga. The program seeks to inspire the younger generation to become active participants in the global shift towards a cleaner and greener future, instilling values of responsibility, innovation, and respect for the environment.

This initiative is based on a strong belief & passion by the director Justin Watene Ngāti Maru (Hauraki) to advocate for sustainable living,  leaving our land in a better place for our tamariki. Justin has helped set up initiatives like Kingtides AKL, worked with the John walker trust and at risk youth,  Love our gulf /Hauraki gulf  awareness program and set up events to help build awareness with WWF NZ around the dwindling population of the Mauis dolphins .  True story ... a Mauis dolphin once touched his leg while waiting for waves at Maori bay, a truely magical and spiritual moment, shared with his son Jackson.

With over 30 years experience in New Zealand Sunbather  is a whānau owned company started by Rick Flood, Justins father in-law and now run by the Watene whānau.  With the many years experience in the New Zealand we are the Pool Heating Specialists. 



Justin Watene

"I love the environment we live and play in and I love what it gives to us. The least we can do is care for it in return"

Justin Watene

Justin Watene a former professional skateboarder and an ambassador for change reminds us of the power that individuals hold to drive change and ignite passion within their communities. The PSSERS sponsorship fund program serves as a tribute to this dedication, and we are excited to collaborate with schools that share in his spirit of determination and progress. 

“In teaching skateboarding to the youth through skate schools this has taught me, the way we can change future habits is to educate our youth. They hold the power of change and they are willing to make that change”.

In this endeavour, we invite schools across the nation to embrace their roles as kaitiakitanga and seize the opportunity to lead by example. Through the PSSERS sponsorship fund program, we aspire to transform school environments into thriving hubs of renewable energy adoption, echoing the harmony between modern sustainability and traditional Māori values.

We source products from our part of the globe and also use Sunbather branded product which is made in Melbourne. We have and wide network and experienced commercial team. Our product is designed for our region so that the products can withstand the harsh climate NZ has to offer. We understand heating pools. We  decrease our footprint by reducing additional freight emissions by not using products from further abroad, if we can source it close we will. We can achieve more by using less! Let's leave it to sun to do the hard work.

Pic above Tokyo olympics - Heated by fluidra group

Pic above - Large commercial projects


Let us come together to create a future that is cleaner, brighter, and more in tune with the principles of kaitiakitanga.


Nga Mihi,

The Watene whānau 

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