School pool solar heating

No pool is too big to be solar heated.

Solar heating ongoing costs are very low compared to other pool heating solutions. See some performance comparisons and costings below:

In fact a pool that is a large body of water needs to be heated with Solar heating or a combination of solar(thermal) and heat pump.

Schools can expect to take advantage of solar heating as the swimming season can start as early as September and end April or May(weather depending). 

Solar collector ratio also plays a major role in the the performance of a solar heating system. 80% is common, but we now recommend 150% surface area up to 200% surface area for maximum outcome.  

You can expect to see us on a regular service cycle to make sure the solar is in top working order, your pump and controller are working perfectly. 

Our layout promotes full water promotion and where we can we are able to avoid roof penetrations where possible. Some roof areas we must rivet manifolds where available. We service on a regular basis, should any fixings come free. 

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Here is a gallery of recent installs in 2019:

Cosgrove school, Papakura - Solar replacement with no roof penetrations

  • Silicon brackets only
  • 50mm pipe work on a 10 degree roof fall
  • Solar collector and pipe work fully elevated for full water promotion below on roofing
  • Solar collector running across the high part of the roofing peaks. Solar must never run in the gullies, as this will cause build up and will cause the roof to rust



Bucklands beach primary:

  • No roof penetrations
  • Solar replacement
  • 50mm pipe with solar collector running across the roof ridge line
  • 1:1 sqm of surface area to pool area

Cornwall park school

  • Solar replacement 
  • 1:1 replacement
  • Suntube 2 panels
  • This layout is 2 solar collector banks to help reduce pressure
  • Opted for the Suntube panel system for durable long lasting performance

 Titirangi Primary school:

  • 50mm pipe work
  • Solar replacement as previous system was on a timber base that did not expend and contract in the sun. Causing previous system to fail


Glamorgan school: Before and after