Solar farms

Learn more about small commercial or large domestic solar farms.

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We specialise in pool heating. This includes rollers, blankets, solar heating and heat pumps. 

We focus on the outcome and work out the best solution for your pool. 

Solar heating is always the primary heat source. You will only get talked out of solar heating as most people don't install solar heating. So be aware of heating costs if you are running a heat pump(also the life span).

Solar is the cheapest pound for pound heat source and has the cheapest ongoing costs with maximum gains. 

Heat pumps work for a short period. As they strip the warm air and will try hard to heat the cold water. There is a KW consumption to drive this heat and is requires a large amount of energy to do so. Costing you $$ in the process. The cost is debatable, but it will certainly cost you ongoing $$, regardless. 

Pool rollers and blankets are the single most effective tool you can have. It will speed the heating process and retain heat over night. A must have when heating water. 

For small commercial or large domestic pools, we build solar farms. We suggest building platforms or using the large roof areas. We use safe fixings and try to do the least amount roof penetrations where possible.

If you are not using a pool cover. Solar heating is the most effective way to heat your pool. 

We have access to funding for large school pools. Learn more here