Pool Covers & Heat Guard Thermal Blankets

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Our 4mm Heat Guard thermal properties:

Heat guard specifications:

Blankets shall be fabricated from UV stabilised closed cell cross-linked polyethylene foam laminated between a UV stabilised woven polyethylene fabric top and bottom. Lamination shall be accomplished by flame bonding between the layers. Material shall be manufactured to quality management standard AS-NZS-ISO. 9002

Nominal thickness shall be:

2mm [2000 Microns] or

4mm [4000 Microns] or

6mm [6000 Microns]

Thermal resistance shall be nominally:

[2mm] - 0.08 sqm K/W or

[4mm] - 0.13 sqm K/W or

[6mm] - 0.17 sqm K/W

Wind Retention (Outdoor Pools):

Each blanket shall have fitted along all longitudinal edges effective means of reducing blanket dislodgment or blow off from the pool water surface.

Weighted flexible rope of no less than 20 grams per metre contained within a mesh material, which is double stitched to the blanket edge, will be the minimum acceptable requirement. Mesh material must have specific gravity greater than 1.0