How much does Pool Solar heating cost to run?

If you would like to learn more about how much it cost to heat your pool using Sunbather Hipec solar heating, Suntube 2, heat pump or gas. Simply email us on or call now on 02102332600 and provide us with the following information so your quote is perfect:

  • Address so we can check using GIS maps your available roof space
  • Do you currently use a heat pump or gas to heat your pool?
  • Do you use a cover and if so Bubble/ Thermal blanket?

How Solar heating works:

Heating water is 3500 times harder to heat, than heating air. So it is important that you get it right. Using Solar heating is as simple as pumping water from your pump room, up to your roof and return it back into the pool return line. You leave the rest to the sun, to do the hard work! 

"Heating water is 3500 times harder to heat, than heating air"

If you are building a pool it is a great idea to plumb the suction and return lines directly into your new pool. Why do we do this? We do this so that you can run your solar pump seperate to your pool pump. If the sun is out and your solar controller kicks in, your solar pump will simply turn on and get to work heating your pool.

The cost to heat your pool: Heating ratio

1. It is simply the cost to use a pump. That will push water up to your roof where the sun will heat the water supplied. Then returning back to the pool. Very simple.

2. A heat pump is your next best heating option. We recommend to use a heat pump at either side of the swimming season. This is the ultimate supplementary heating option. It also means that your heat pump is working less, because your solar is doing the heavy lifting. Your heat pump will more than likely last longer.

3. Gas will heat your pool fast but and is super efficient. 

Heating Ratio
Solar 0.54%
LPG 57.30%
Nat Gas 31.83%
Heat pump 10.33%