Suntube 2, Rigid solar pool heating panels


The latest in Solar pool heating rigid panels. The Suntube 2 is the only Pool solar heating panel manufactured in Australia and design to withstand the harsh AU and New Zealand climate. 

Other panels are not able to cope with the Harsh NZ UV and can not last the test of time.

How Solar Heating works:


The Suntube 2 system is one of the toughest solar panels in the world. 


  • Available in 1.2m / 1.8m / 2.4m / 3.3m / 4.2m lengths
  • Suntube-2 Panels are 600mm wide
  • Each junction has three individual water seals to ensure there is no chance of leakage
  • These important junctions are also now cam-locked
  • Using the tool provided, just one-eighth of a turn is enough to tighten and lock a perfect seal in place every time
  • The super tough tube connections are totally encased and shielded and at least three times more secure than an insert the patented roof clamps remove the need to penetrate a tiled roof, which eliminates the risk of a leak when drilling into tiles


Only one Solar panel is made in Australia and both Australian and New Zealand conditions

Suntube 2 connections are triple sealed


Suntueb 2 is world class in innovation and cutting edge polymer technology

Suntube 2 sets new standards for installation ease and overall appearance

Suntube 2 collector tubes are larger and thicker

A series of clever innovations create the strongest thermal and mechanical tube connections

Junctions are cam-locked and click together

Blue nut locking clip provides peace of mind and a leak proof connection

Pipework brackets help avoid roof penetrations

With Suntube 2 there is no need to drill into tiled roofs

Multiple configurations for small domestic and large commercial installations