Halo Chlor

This all-new high-performance chlorinator
will keep your pool healthy and sanitised.
With a host of features, including Ai Mode, that takes total control over your sanitation and filtration (Requires compatible 3 speed pump, Halo Doser with pH and ORP sensors), unique and intuitive large touch screen, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi/Ethernet connectivity, and more! All designed to make set-up and control as easy as possible. Available in 4 sizes 18, 25, 35 & 45.

The AstralPool Halo Connect System seamlessly connects and automates multiple devices, including everything from your chlorinator to a heater, a waterfall, additional pumps and much more.

Halo products allow you to plug or connect your pool equipment to the system, with connectivity between Halo products via Bluetooth. Simply just plug into a power point, no electrician required.

Take control of the system via Bluetooth or connect the Halo Chlor to your Wi-Fi network for remote connectivity.

Halo Lite 2 and Halo Lite 4

These innovative controllers have built-in transformers, so no additional cost is added. Can be used to control AstralPool, Zodiac LumiPower and Spa electrics light sequences. Multiple Halo Lite 4 units can be connected together for an almost unlimited number of lights, all controlled through a central point.

Whether used for new pools or as the ideal retrofit product, these pool light controllers can be operated via the standalone Halo Lite lighting controller App, or the Halo ChlorGo App for a completely integrated solution.


Halo ChlorGO APP

The Halo ChlorGo app provides everything you will need to monitor and control your Halo connect system, via either by Bluetooth or Wifi.

Open it up and change your settings, monitor your pool water health, check the temperature, turn on any connected device and more, all from the convenience of your smart phone.

A simplified Halo Lite app is available for standalone lighting use.

Halo Hub

Just simply plug in this sophisticated automation expansion module, it then connects to your Halo Chlor to now become a mini pool automation system. With ports and plugs to operate 2 x power outlets (max 9.5A combined), 4 x valve actuators, heater inputs (use with gas, heat pump or solar), temperature sensors and more. So if you have multiple pumps, water features, heaters etc this is the perfect add on for your Halo Chlor, to allow for complete control of your pool equipment.

Halo Xpand

The ‘little brother’ of the Halo Hub, is also an easy plug in device that has 2 x power outlets (max 9.5A combined) and temp sensors, make this ideal for an additional pump or blower, or a great alternative for a solar controller etc.. allowing for the whole equipment pad to be controlled through the Halo Chlor App

Halo Doser with pH and ORP Bluetooth Sensors

The Halo Doser combined with Bluetooth ORP and pH sensors, provide ultimate protection for your pool health.

With a quick and easy set-up, the pH sensor combined with the Halo Doser will keep your pH in range. Add a gold tipped ORP sensor to keep your chlorine in line with your pool requirements. (The Halo Doser also allows for basic timed operation without any sensors