Astral Viron Halo Chlorinator - Pool Automation

 The Astral Viron Halo Chlorinator can use a range of salts ie Magna or magnesium minerals, sodium salts and Elements salts. This means you have the ability to decide on the salts you want to use. 

Pool solar

Monitor and control your pool solar system. See pool temperature, see roof temperature and control your desired set temperature 

Adjust your ORP and PH levels from your app. Total sanitisation and visibility on your pool system. 

Service menus and controls

Install and manage your appliances

Full pool automation, talk to your pool equipment using the Halo app

Timers and controls

Salt water conversion for swimming pools and learn more about pool automation.

Learn how to keep your pool clean using a salt water chlorinator. We can supply or install your Halo. So contact us for more information.

App control that helps you control your lights, heat pump, pool solar, valves, pumps and also see how the ORP and PH sensors are working. 

Balance! is what the Halo will give you.

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See how the system works. Trouble shooting and tricks and tips. Learn how the Viron Halo works.