Downunder In Deck retro fit installation

A recent install for a retro fit in deck Downunder roller.

This installation was for 2 x 3.4m in deck rollers, due to the width of the pool. n.b. Over 5.8m the deflection on the roller is too great and will not work efficiently. 

Download install guide here

1/ For both retro fit or a new build.

  • You want to prep the joists at 270mm apart (Exactly, no need to make any allowances), the width of the pool
  • Ideally you want to run past the width of the pool
  • 200mm allowance each side is ideal. This is to accommodate for the gearing and to allow the cover to roll onto the roller easily. Not enough room and the cover is too tight to roll up
  • For pools over 12m, a custom bracket will need to be made