Heat pump vs Pool solar heating - Performance 20 degrees to 28 degrees in 1 day no pool cover

This example is in Carterton.

  • Heat pump 27kw
  • Pool size 9m x 4m
  • No cover was on the pool during this period
  • Pool ambient 17 degrees
  • Date November 1st
  • Heat pump COP 6
  • PSH solar system COP 35

Performance 20 degrees to 28 degrees, in 1 day no pool cover!

The heat pump had been working, for days on end. It never got above 22 degrees.

We installed our pool solar heating system, which covers 72sqm of a hay shed, with our the PSH solar system.

  • The heat pump was turned off
  • We started the system at 8am on 20 degrees
  • By 2:45pm the pool got to 27 degrees 
  • By 5pm the pool was 28 degrees
  • Achieved this lift in heat in 1 day
  • Pool solar heating only
  • No cover on the pool


We offer pool heating solutions. We dont offer a single heating option, so we can give you impartial pool heating point of view. 

Always, Pool solar heating (Any system) is the best heating solution. If you can over size the solar system on your roof, you will simply increase your COP of the solar system. Pool solar is the best pool heating solution. 

The Sun is hot, period! 

A heat pump can help to maintain a pool temperature. But not drive the pool temperature. Big heat lifts can only be done fast by gas or pool solar. 

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Pool temp started 20 degrees:

End of day result: 28 degrees. We had a lift from 20 degrees to 27 degrees by 2:45pm 7 degrees in 5 hours