Pool heating - How to extend your swimming season in New zealand

How to create the ultimate extended swim season.

Heating your pool is simple and is a formula. Be mindful that is you run an appliance, you will be consuming energy. 

There are basic rules when heating pools and these dont often change. So be mindful if someone is giving you the wrong information. Make sure you ask the simple questions. 

We specialise in pool heating and we install 'everything' pool heating. From rollers to heaters and everything in between. We focus on the outcome and build the solution to suit. 


Pool Heat pump

A pool heat pump requires energy or electricity and warm ambient air, to heat your pool. It is essential for a pool cover to be used when you operate your pool heat pump, for the heat pump to work efficiently. 

You need to size your heat pump to achieve a great extended season

A heat pump will take 1-2 days to pull the pool up from the ambient temp. Once there, the heat pump will work little and often to maintain the pool temperature. It is critical that you put your blanket on when you are not using the pool. 

There is a high cost to run a heat pump for an extended season. 

A heat pump will not work efficiently when the air temperature is cool.


Season - Oct to April

Cost to run $3000 - $5000 

Cover - Essential when not in use

Life span 7-10 year average

Warranty 2 years



Pool solar collector

Pool solar is the ultimate primary heat source. A heat pump is a great way to top the pool temp up. But the sun can do all the work and it is cheap!

Pool solar heating uses the energy on your roof, to heat your pool water. Over the past few years, we have been testing over sizing your pool solar system i.e 200-300%. This has proven that solar is your primary heat source. It is simple, the more you install, the better it will perform! 

We were seeing 2.5 degree lifts per hour, with a 4mm heat guard thermal blanket.

Solar collector with sun, is so efficient. You pool will heat in a matter of hours, even without a blanket. The need to use your cover is less, as the sun is so hot and your roof will produce a large amount of energy. We simply use this energy and transfer this to your pool water. 

Your pool will heat up in a matter of hours with sunlight. Even when it is cloudy, your roof will be producing heat. 

Solar is very cheap to run. 

Pool solar is typically cheaper to install vs a good quality heat pump. You can expect a long season and will work as long as you have available sun on your roof.

Season typically Sept - May

Blanket - Not essential to use, but will help you to extend your season even longer

If you over size your solar system, you can expect to get 30-50kw output which is an efficient way to heat your pool. 

Pay back vs running a heat pump is 2-3 years

Life span 15-20 year average

Warranty 10 years



The ultimate heat on demand! Simply, if you want 30 degrees, the pool will be 30 degrees. 

You just pay for it! 

You don't even need a blanket. 

Season - Any time

Lifespan 7 year average

Warranty 2 years


If you are un sure about the best way to heat your pool and you want the best heating solution with maximum output give us a call Justin 02102332600