Pool solar heating performance NZ

What is the best solar system NZ?

Most solar systems will work the same. The biggest differences are, materials and how long will the last? How big is the solar collector surface area? How is the solar system installed?


We make sure your solar system is water tight, installed correctly and will last for many years of warm water. '

We have been testing solar surface area ratios:

80% - 100% Works awesome and will give you a season Sept - May with excellent high temps. This is our old ratio and has worked well for many years

150% - 200% If you want to hyper gas your solar system. Go for 150% or greater as your budget allows. We can heat pools as fast as gas from Sept - May... But the speed to heat and how high we can heat your pool is next level! We cycle more water more often, which makes the 200% ratio so incredible.

225% - You will need some provisions in place for an extra large system... Auto leveller, larger pipe work, bigger pump and we recommend seperate suction and return lines. This ratio is pool heating at its absolute best.  


This chart illustrates pay back over time, running solar vs heat pump cost to run. 

  • 20 year period
  • 30 degree target temp
  • Pool covered with a 4mm heat guard thermal blanket
  • Replacing appliance 3 times in 20 years