School grants and funding - Pool solar heating

We are able to heat the pool and get the kids into the water sooner in the season and swim for a longer period of time. In the pool Sept and out in May.

If you are a school or a swimming club associated to a school, we may be able to help you fund for pool related equipment. 

We want to have a simple heating solution that is cheap to run. Solar can cost you around $400 per year cost to run. 

Heat pumps are expensive to install and expensive to run. So be careful if you are installing a heat pump that you have allowed for running costs(That can run into the thousands or 10's of thousands per year). So make sure you ask questions to any installer of the actual cost to run. If you are unsure and even if we are not installing the heating system. We can give you advise.

We work with a funding group and we facilitate the funding for your pool requirement. 

There is a fee, we are able for the funding process. TBC upon application.

We are able to fund part or all of the of the school requirement. 

Sunbather school grants and funding:

  • Grants and funding for swimming pools
  • Pool solar heating
  • Pool heat pumps and gas heaters
  • Swimming pool rollers and blankets
  • Pool filtration

If you are unsure and need to ask any questions let us know or call to chat on 02102332600.