Solar heating FAQ's

Solar FAQ's

Does Solar heating work?

People will argue that solar heating does not work. It is hard to argue that the sun is not powerful and that your roof does not generate high heat. Also that a heat pump is better.

A solar system that is sized correctly or even over sized will perform outstanding.

The Sun the the most powerful heat source. You need sun to make a solar system work. Most pools will be swim-able from Sept - May.

Your roof will drive excellent temperatures during these months and will reach 55-60 degrees in high summer. 

This heat generated on your roof will lift the pool temps very fast i.e. within a day from 18-22 degrees, up to Set temp 

Simply put your hand on your car roof during the day time, this will give you a indication of how warm your roof really is.

Check out our instagram for photos of actual results on the shoulder seasons. These are facts and very hard to argue that solar heating does not work. 

What is the Ideal roof type:

All except slate

What is the Ideal Orientation

North, North-West & West Ideal

What roof angle is best

Any walkable roof

Is there an ideal exposure

In sun for at least 2/3 of the day

Is there an ideal a limit for roof height

Up to 4 storeys

What way should the solar strip run

Running horizontally across roof. May be ran vertically on tile roofs

How is the solar strip attached to the roof

Glued to roof surface with a high grade MS silicone

Do you need roof penetrations

Yes you do in most cases. With the HiPEC solar system we can use as little as 8 4mm holes that are riveted, MS silicon, covered with a brackets. So the holes is sealed very well.

In some cases we can create a floating system without any roof penetrations.

What is the ideal surface area

We used to use 100% of pool surface area or a 1:1 ratio. We have recently been testing an additional 50% surface up to double the pool surface area, with amazing outcomes. However over double the surface area of the pool, we find that you will over capitalise with little added value.

What kind of maintenance is required

Annual inspection by qualified Sunbather Technician

How much does solar weight on the roof

4kg per m² (When full of water)

Does a cover add value

A cover will add value to any heating. You will find 25% efficiency from various factors. 

A cover will help to drive the pool temp up fast and will retain heat and stop evaporation.  

What cover is better to use, a solar bubble blanket or a thermal blanket?

4mm thermal is the ultimate blanket and will offer equal of 4000 micron. Where as a bubble blanket will offer between 500-600 micron. This is the heat retention or value the blanket offers.

Can a bubble blanket heat my pool

The answer is, a bubble blanket will offer you limited value for a short period of time. You will get about 1-2 degrees total volume of pool water per day max. 

People say my pool can get up to 26-30 degrees with a solar bubble only. But this will be the top layer of water only and once blended the total volume of water will be cool at best. Dec - Feb, pools will naturally be warm any way. 

Also a temperature reading taken from a thermometer in the pool will over index the pool temp, because the thermometer is sitting on the top layer of the pool and often in the sun. This reading will be over indexed. 

A bubble style blanket has a short life span and will break down in the harsh NZ UV. Once a bubble blanket breaks down it will deteriorate. This material will run through out the filtration system. 


Trouble shooting FAQ's

Pool is not heating to required temperature 

Is there enough collector? 

Is the controller set correctly? 

Is it an old system that has previously worked well? Check for blockages in pipe work

If it is leading into Autumn, the sun isn’t as high in the sky or as hot

A new system takes 3-4 days to come up to temp with full sun, low wind and a cover