Pool solar heating service questions FAQ's

Pool solar heating frequently asked questions FAQ's:

A Pool solar system is like any other appliance in your house hold. It needs a regular service to ensure it will last the test of time.

We service solar systems that are between 15 - 20 years. They do require some TLC, but if you can keep them in excellent working order, they will keep on moving. 

Here are some common trouble shooting questions that will help.

Vacuum Break valve issues

I can see water coming out of the valve on the roof, is my solar system leaking? Why is water coming out of the vacuum break valve?

Yes there is a leak. This is coming out of the vacuum break valve for a number of reasons.

  • The valve thread is not sealed correctly, so water will drip from the bottom of the valve
  • Some vacuum break valves have metal parts on the inside. These can rust out and will cause water to leak out of the top of the valve
  • The valve could have a break in the body of the valve
  • Something could be stuck in the valve which keeps the valve open. This will cause water to leak out

 If the vacuum break valve is leaks, it needs to be replaced. 


Solar matting:

I can see solar matting coming off the roof?

Pool solar matting or pool solar panels need to be fixed to the roof or panel. If you can see the solar matting coming off the roof, then you will need a service. It can cause serious damage to your property or someone. It could be a simple fix and save you money. 

Loose solar matting can become damaged and leak on your roof. 

I can see water coming out of the solar matting?

This means that some type of damage has occurred to the roof solar system. There are a number of reasons. 

You will need to fix the leak and we suggest a service to the rest of the system at the same time, to ensure there are no more leaks. 

Damage to the solar matting will cause serious damage to your roof.

My Solar matting has been up for years. Do I have to replace the whole pool solar system? 

No, you can just replace the roof solar material only. You may also need to replace the manifold as well. 

A Sunbather service, will be able to find the best solution for your solar system.

The Solar tubes are coming out of the manifold?

if solar tubes are coming out of the manifold, you need to turn your solar system off and fix the tubes. 

This can be done in a number of ways and will depend on how many tubes have come free of how much of the manifold has been damaged. 

A sunbather service will ensure the tubing and manifold can be repaired and is secure.

I can see water coming out of the manifold. The manifold has heaps of small joins?

Some manifolds are made up of a series of small manifolds with joins. The more joins you have the more room for error. 

If you can see water coming from a join, you will need to fix the manifold.

Some manifolds are difficult to fix, so you decommission the section that is leaking. This means that you will loose some solar sqm.  

If you have a series of joins in your manifold. It is essential that you allow the manifold to expend and contract. More often that not, if a manifold leaks, it is because the fixings are too firm. This means that in full sun, the manifold is not allowed to expend with heat and contract with cool air. Over time, this will cause the manifold to crack with pressure. 

Is it OK to have timber holding down the solar matting or manifold?

Timber is not OK to hold down the solar matting or used to fix the manifold. 

A floating solar matting can cause damage to your roof or can pose a danger to your property of to someone. 

Because the solar is floating, it can come free with high winds and cause damage to your house.

We have see some cases where the solar matting has been layered over top floating corrugated plastic panels, then held down with timber blocks. There are too many reasons why this is not the correct way to install pool solar heating and you should arrange a solar service ASAP.

Solar matting and PVC piping is designed to expand and contract with sun, UV and temperature. It is essential that you make allowances for this when you install your solar system. If the fixings are too firm, then you your PVC pipes or solar matting will become damaged. 

Is it OK to have my solar matting on floating on the roof?

No, pool solar matting or pool solar panels must be fixed to the roof. 

My pool solar heating pipework has come loose. Is it ok?

Your pool solar heating pipe work carries water from the pool to the roof and back to the pool. 

The solar pipes become very heavy once they are filled with water. 

When the solar system is installed correctly, fixings and pipes should be able to hold the pipes with water inside. 

If your pipe work becomes loose, we are able to re fix these to ensure they are secure. 



My pool solar controller has an error message, what do I do to fix it?

Your solar controller is the trigger to turn you pool pump on. Once the roof becomes hot enough, then the controller will turn the solar pump on. 

This is done by taking a temperature reading from the pump shed pipe work and once form the roof. 

If you have an error message coming up on the controller, this means one of the sensors has broken. You will need to replace the sensor or possibly the controller. 

To be able to diagnose the error, we need to know the following:

Error message?

What brand is the controller?

If you know, what model is the solar controller?

I have an error, do i need to replace my roof or pool sensor?

It is likely you will need to replace the sensor. We would need to 

diagnose the error and work out how to fix it.

My roof sensor has come off the roof, do I need to replace the roof sensor?

You need to fix the roof sensor to the roof and it needs to be in the same aspect as the solar matting. If it comes loose, then it could take a false reading.