PSH rollers 114mm pool roller range

Excellent quality, designed to operate easily and built to last. We specialise in pool heating and a cover is an essential item. To use the cover, the roller is critical and must be simple and easy to use.

PSH right angle drive 2:1 gear ratio roller. 114mm so reduce deflection( bending) through out the roller. Stainless steel frame and fixings and Aluminium roller 

Sunbather platinum 114mm roller. 

A great basic roller, if price is an issue and you need something that will be easy to use, but will also last. This roller is perfect. 

The Sunbather SSW 114mm roller is our best above deck roller. Excellent quality frame and roller. Single winder, fixed off with a single screw. Not too many working parts and a great quality 114mm roller. This has 4 lockable durable caster wheels and are heavy duty.