Temperature chart

If you don't have a heating option for your pool, you will only enjoy temperatures as high as 26 degrees on a good day. Solar heating will give you temperatures as high as 34 plus. However this will cause different issues and will increase the use of chemicals. You have the control to regular a set temperatures. So you can set 30 degrees and forget it! The system will simply kick in and regulate the heat according to the suns UV. 

Above is an example of what you can expect to get out of your Sunbather solar heating system. This is based on historic Auckland weather trends and includes the use of a cover for a pool that has a surface area of 30sqm. 

Supplementary heating will enable you to extend your swimming season even further. 

As a ratio for energy use or on going costs, Solar performs the best vs Heat pump, LPG gas and natural gas. If you are heating your pool it is essential to cover your pool using a thermal cover. This will help with heat retention saving water loss and heat loss or valuable $$$.

You will simply pay for the cost of your solar pump to push the flow of water onto your roof. The returning water will take a journey that is heated and sent back to the pool. 

The cost to heat your pool: Heating ratio

1. It is simply the cost to use a pump. That will push water up to your roof where the sun will heat your pool.

2. A heat pump is your next best heating option. We recommend to use a heat pump at either side of the swimming season. This is the ultimate supplementary heating option. It also means that your heat pump is working less, because your solar is doing the heavy lifting. Your heat pump will more than likely last longer too.

3. Gas will heat your pool fast but will consume the most $$$. 

This will change the way you use your pool.  

Heating Ratio
Solar 0.54%
LPG 57.30%
Nat Gas 31.83%
Heat pump 10.33%