The ultimate pump shed plumbing plan and specs - approx size

It is common to make simple mistakes when plumbing out a pump shed. 


DO NOT BUNCH PIPES TOGETHER and make it hard to plumb onto each pipe, or have no directional plan in place. Make it look amazing! 

This is why a simple plan is critical. 

  • Pipe placement
  • Pool - suction
  • Pool - return
  • Power placement, fuse box
  • Controller placement
  • Provisions ie 3 way valves, heat source's, UV, other
  • Automate your pump shed
  • Run data to and from the pump shed to your house
  • Wifi requires 2 bars and 2.4ghz

If your system is below waterline then make sure to 'tap' off suctions and returns for any servicing

These plans are our ideal set up. Nothing is over the top or too much and will future proof the pump shed for any additions. 

In and out placement of pipes is a simple process and always work out where you are plumbing from and plumbing to. Measure to work out the ideal pipe location and placement.