Things to think about when choosing pool solar heating

Things to think about when choosing pool solar heating.

All our pool solar heating products are made in Melbourne Australia in our Sunbather warehouse. Not only designed for harsh summer heat, but also for the savage Australasian UV. We have taken the harsh New Zealand UV into account and made sure it will withstand both. 

We try our best to use as much product made in New Zealand or Australia as possible. This means we not only support our local business but we are able service the product we supply. 

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1/ You are putting chlorinated water on your roof. Make sure your solar system is installed correctly. This includes the following:

  • Even pressure
  • Even flow
  • Reduce the amount of roof penetrations required
  • Pipework fixed correctly to the roof
  • The solar matting is secured to the roof
  • Make sure pipe work has an allowance for expansion and contraction
  • Ask for a plumbing plan and make sure the pressure and flow will be sufficient 

2/ Pipe work can expand and contract up to 40mm-80mm depending on the layout and placement

3/ It is impossible to heat a pool sufficiently with less that 80% coverage. 80% coverage is the minimum requirement for surface area to hit a target temperature over a period of time. 

The ideal ratio would be 1:1 or even 1:1.2 

It is like heating water on a stove. e.g. You have a large pot of cold water and you turn the heat on as low as it will go. In this example the pot of water will never be able to heat up to temperature... 

Other solar systems brands will say that: 

1 x panel = 1 square  meter of panel surface area which will heat 2 square meters of pool surface area..... 

This is simply under sizing the solar system for the pool size and the pool will never come up to an ideal target, Plus will only be effective for a short swimming period.

4/ Swimming season  

  • September kids will start to swim
  • End of may is usually when you will get out of the pool for the season

5/ Product must stand up to the NZ harsh weather

  • Make sure the product you install has a high level of UV protection
  • Neve use blown moulded plastic. It will simply not last. Think of it like a peg for a clothes line, sitting outside for months.....
  • Make sure the system is fixed or secured to the roof and walls. For the simple reason that you don't want the system to move about on the roof
  • High density polythene will not last in the Harsh NZ UV 


6/ Where does the product come from including the UV rating:

If a solar system from from Germany, Israel or China you must find out what UV rating is has been designed for. Will it last and for how long?