PSH wireless sunswitch controller - trouble shooting page

Here are a few useful trouble shooting pages for your PSH wireless controllers. 

Before you link your controller, put the sensor in the sun for about 30 mins. It will need full sun and also needs to make the sensor nice and warm. This helps the unit to link. It can not link with low light and cold weather. 

The wireless controller is an excellent long lasting PV sensor. It will sit on your roof and charge itself. The great thing about the wireless sensor, is that there are no cables running to the roof! The sensor is also less likely to 'pop' or break.

01 – generally means the transmitter hasn’t received any Sun. Therefore the Sunswitch goes into automatic countdown mode.

Once the transmitter receives an adequate amount of sun this should automatically count back up and continue to work as required.


If the manual Button does not work:

For the Manual switch to work there must be at least one successful temperature transmission from the roof module after the unit is plugged in and switched on.

Transmissions require strong sunlight.

”00" in the display - no signal is being received.

There may be insufficient Sun. Or the distance between the transmitter and SunSwitch may be too great if so, then the transmitter must be moved closer.

The 6-digit numbers don’t match.

The two units may be mismatched or SunSwitch might be receiving signal from another SunSwitch transmitter close by. Ring 1800 BATHER for a solution to this issue.

“01" is an internal fail-safe procedure.

If SunSwitch does not receive any transmissions for a set period of time it will institute a count down from its current temperature down to “01" and switch the pump off.

Other Odd Numbers in the Screen:

If the roof transmitter has not sent a successful signal, the receiver will continue to recall the last piece of information recorded on start-up or resetting. For example, the last recorded roof temperature or signal strength may remain the same for hours until a successful transmission has been received. 


Start-up Diagnostic:

All lights, displays and non-volatile memory are checked on start-up. “EE” will flash in the display if a fault is found.

Pool Sensor Fault Diagnosis:

“Er” display indicates a faulty pool sensor. Cold o sensor is non-polar 4.7K Ohm at 25 C thermistor with these temp/resistance ohm o o o o readings: 10 C - 9535, 20 C - 5902, 30 C - 3770, 40 C - 2480. o o

Electrical Specifications:

T on 6 C. T off at 2 C. Max relay overload 230V-10A

Readout Calibration:

To fine tune the temperature readings hold TEMP SET button down for 10 seconds until the display flashes. Pressing the up or down arrow buttons will change the units base settings one degree each press. While in standby, the display reads the last recorded temperature.

Service Lock-Out Mode:

Hold AUTO & MAN buttons down for 10 seconds (LO appears in display). Controller will remain in Lock-Out for 2 hours before reverting to normal automatic operation. S


Manual: HERE

How to pair a new Roof Transmitter to an existing Wireless Controller

STEP 1. Place the replacement Roof Transmitter in the Sun (preferably at ground level, don’t glue it to the roof yet). It will transmit every 10 secs. Take note of its unique 6-digit number (stamped on the front of the transmitter).

STEP 2. Hold down AUTO button for 10 secs to put unit into Programming Mode. The 6 digit serial number will scroll across the LED display, e.g. 000603. This should match the code printed on the back of the SunSwitch.

STEP 3. Press the DOWN arrow once to start the search for the replacement transmitter’s 6-digit number.

STEP 4. Once the replacement transmitter’s number scrolls in the display, press SET TEMP to link the transmitter and the SunSwitch. If you don’t pick up the number you want then start another search by pressing the MAN button once. You can do multiple searches until you get the number you want and then lock it in by pressing the SET TEMP button.

STEP 5. Press the DOWN arrow again to view the signal strength (6.8 means 68% signal strength). There will automatically be a new transmission every 10 seconds.

STEP 6. Press AUTO to exit Programming Mode and return to normal operation.

STEP 7. The Roof Transmitter can now be fixed in its roof location. Recheck transmission once the transmitter is fixed to the roof. Note: The Sunswitch will not work on MANUAL unless a successful signal has been received from the transmitter. This is a simple way to check if receiver and transmitter are linked together.




Step I

Ensure installation steps 1-5 have been completed and that the transmitter is in bright sunlight.

Step II

Hold the AUTO button down for 10 seconds until the alphanumeric display scrolls the SunSwitch serial number. This is 6 digit number.

Step III

Press the button once and the 6-digit Roof Transmitter serial number will appear if it is the same number you have successfully linked the transmitter to the SunSwitch.

Step IV

To check signal strength. Immediately after Step III, press the button again to see the strength of the last transmission [4.8 means 48% signal strength].

Step V

Press AUTO to set the SunSwitch to automatic operation. NOTE: Press AUTO at any point during the set up to return to the start


PATIENCE IS ESSENTIAL. When changing settings remember transmissions only occur every 10 seconds. SunSwitch is programmed to ignore repeated or random instructions. SET THE UNIT ... THEN LEAVE IT FOR 5 to 10 MINUTES TO PROCESS INFORMATION




To Switch ON: Push the ON/OFF button once to switch the unit ON (pool temp reading will then display).

For Automatic Operation: Press the AUTO button once for fully automatic operation (status light will then display). In this mode the controller automatically switches the solar pump to heat the pool when weather conditions are favorable. The Status light pulses when the pump is on standby and remains on when the pump is running.

To Select the Desired Temperature: Press the SET TEMP button down and scroll up or down with the arrow buttons until the desired pool temperature is displayed. The display reverts back to reading the pool water temperature after 5 seconds. The pool set temperature can be read anytime by pressing the SET TEMP button.



MANUAL: Press MANto run the solar pump (flashing status light indicates Manual mode). Unit will not run on Manual if no roof transmission has been received. Press AUTO to exit Manual mode or wait 30 minutes for unit to revert back to Automatic. For continuous Manual operation, hold the MANbutton down for 10 seconds. “CO” will appear in the display. Press AUTOto revert back to Automatic mode.

WINTER MODE: Press ON/OFF for 10 seconds (“W” will appear in the display) and the solar pump will run for 10 minutes each day, from the time of setting. Press ON/OFF again to exit winter mode.

ROOF/POOL TEMPERATURE: Press and hold the Up Arrow for 3 seconds to display the roof sensor temperature for 5 seconds. The display will show “00" if no roof temperature signal is received. Press and hold the Down Arrow for 3 seconds to display the pool sensor temperature for 5 seconds




When the Set Temperature has been reached, the letters “ES” and the pool temperature will alternate in the display. This is not an error message - it indicates “Energy Saving Mode” has been achieved.

While in “ES”mode the pump will NOT run for 2.5 hours.

After 2.5 hours the pump will run for 3 minutes to check the pool water temperature and then revert to normal operation. If there is insufficient sun at the end of the 2.5 hour period for the transmitter to send a successful signal, “ES”will remain in the display until a successful signal has been received. This may not happen until the following day.


Any issue, call Justin 02102332600