Installation & Design

Pool width

We can custom make any Downunder roller to the following pool width/ sizes. (Cutting fee applies):

1.8m (Pool width) - 16.5m (Pool width)  

Pool length

Depending on the cover pit size. We can make up to 30m long. We can accommodate longer pool sizes. We would just need to need to custom engineer the bracket and frames to take the loading. 

If you have to counter lever any deck to build a sleeve for a cover to come out of. Then you are upwards of $12,000 plus GST

We are the NZ Sunbather distributor and have specialised on pool heating for over 35 years. Pool heating not only involves solar, heat pump or gas. A cover is one of the key ingredients. Once you have heated your pool, the cover will help to retain the heat generated and reduce evaporation( Usually over night once the air temp cools). But a cover isn't that pretty and winding a cover in on a standard roller, is a ton of work. We we designed the Downunder, not only to make life easy. But it makes your outdoor area look great.

The biggest design advantage, we spent a lot of time listening to builders, landscapers and pool builders. We have made the unit so simple to install. The key is to get the Downunder built into the outdoor design from the start. That way the Downunder can be installed inline with the bulk of your outdoor production. 

2019 standard sizes: (Downunder must be wider than pool by at least 300mm, however we suggest 200mm allowance each side and is centred to make your pool area look amazing).

    What is the difference between a In Ground and In Deck Downunder roller?

    Downunder - In Deck

    • The easiest system to install, simply prep the joists ready to fix the unit to the joists, using stainless hardware supplied
    • The unit does not come with a PVC case. The PVC case is cosmetic only and used to concrete the unit into the ground. So not required
    • Ideal for pools over 10m in length. If you pool is greater than 12m, it will require extension brackets, that sit lower in the pit. It is common we can accomodate up to a 20m long pool. For longer pool options email us for more info
    • Installation. Once your landscaper or builder is ready for delivery. We will delivery the unit to site. Once you have the unit in place and find your levels. The team will fix to the joists. (n.b. It is important that there is no movement in the joist or bearers) I know this sounds like a silly comment. But we have had units fixed to loose framing in the past. This will not support the Downunder unit
    • You CAN NOT fix a In ground Downunder unit to a timber joist frame. We do not recommend this as an option. The PVC casing will not add additional protection to your cover. We provide straps that will support the cover once rolled up, that will stop the cover from sagging or dropping. If you have provided enough recommended clearance to the ground then the cover will be fine

    Downunder In ground

    • The most obvious difference between the in deck and the in ground unit is the PVC casing. This will protect the unit when setting in the pit
    • Once in place the PVC casing will protect when back filling the unit
    • Concrete ties are another addition. Once the unit is in place, connect the ties to rebar or pool wall to stabilise the unit
    • The PVC case has special drainage holes located at the bottom of the unit


    This Retro fit, dual lid (Over 6m wide) was an easy solution. Great for the family to use and operate. Being a large pool, a single cover would have been difficult to open and close. Our solution, dual lids. They over lap so the 2 covers will sit next to each other on the waterline. If you want a quick dip, just open one side. Ready for a BBQ, open both sides.

    This In Deck roller had to wait until the decking and glass was on before we could deliver to site. The team had done an amazing job with the joist work. We levelled the Downunder in place and fixed off.

    This in ground roller cover pit looks amazing with seamless cast concrete copings. That California look is very sharp.

    In Deck - Joist prep. There are many angles and curves to work around with this install. The Downunder In deck system simply slots in and your team will fix it off.

    Available 2018 standard sizes still available:  (Downunder must be wider than pool by at least 300mm, however we suggest 200mm allowance each side and is centred to make your pool area look amazing)

      We are New Zealand premium swimming pool cover solution and the supplier for the Sunbather Downunder underground or in ground pool cover system. We are based in Albany, Auckland and can supplier New Zealand nationwide. Contact us email for more information or call Justin on 02102332600

      What you need to know:

      • You will need at least a 300mm allowance, wider than your pool width. 200mm on the gearing side and at least 100mm at the lazy end
      • We have new sizes below that will accommodate most fibreglass pools
      • Do you need in deck(Fix off to joists) of do you need in ground(Concrete, patio or tiled area)
      • Drainage requirements
      • A standard Downunder roller can take unto 10m thermal cover (4mm). We can upgrade your Downunder to accommodate longer covers i.e. 20m 4mm thermal blanket
      • No job is too big or too small, just let us know
      • In deck Downunder is the easiest to install. Simply prepare your joists running the width of the pool and make pack them out so you have a 270mm opening. You simply fix the Downunder cover to the joist and attach your cover
      • In ground Downunder cover will take a little longer to install but both installation options can be complete within 1 day

      Commercial Downunder roller:

      For more commercial cover questions email