Pool solar heating by month - Solar performance

Pool solar heating, Flexible collector performance by month. 

If you are un sure on what is the best heating solution, give us a call and we can help guide you on the ultimate pool heating solution. From the top of the north island to the bottom of the south island. 

We are able to heat your pool using a range of excellent pool heating products. 

If we can size your solar system correctly, we can achieve a lift in pool temp between 1 - 1.5 degrees per hour, with sun shine. This is how pool solar systems can lift pool temperatures circa 6-10 degrees, during a single day, without a blanket. If we add a blanket, this will add a level of efficiency to achieve even better results.

Solar still works even if it is cloudy. If it is 'cold', solar will struggle, but so will a heat pump. The main question is, if it is cold, will you want to swim anyway?   

You are dealing with the supplier and installer. So we can give you honest feed back related to your heating options.

Email justin@sunbather.co.nz or call 02102332600

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Auckland 18 August 2023

27 August 2023 Auckland

Queenstown 8 September 2023

Auckland 16 September 2023


6 April 2023 Auckland 

2 September 2023 Auckland

18 December 2023 Auckland, Waiheke

23 January 2023, Waikato 

2 November 2023, Greytown. 20 degrees to 28 degrees within 1 day