Rerekohu School Pool, Te Araroa ST2 solar collector, 4mm thermal blanket and pool filtration renovation

 Rerekohu School Pool – Te Araroa

Below are our recommendations for heating the Rerekohu School Pool in Te Araroa.

  • Pool solar heating as a primary heat source
  • Blanket to retain the heat and stop evaporation
  • Commercial quality roller and blankets that are durable and ling lasting
  • Filtration and pool renovation are outside pool heating scope. We have quoted as an estimated price and will need to do further works to bring up to minimum specification
  • Civil works will also sit outside scope of works and are an estimate price. We have local support from landscape partners who can provide hard landscape support
  • sustainability case study to follow. Initial assumptions are running pool solar heating vs running a heat pump

Roof solar placement and blanket reference below:

Solar performance:

We have the following assumptions. 30 degree target, pools are covered for 12 hours and we are sizing solar systems at 200% surface area compared to the size of the pool i.e. If the pool is 30sqm then solar heating will be 60sqm, or if the roof area allows.

Pool size is a 30sqm domestic pool. 

Commercial heat pump cost to run is much higher than a domestic heat pump.

*Weather pending and if sun allows. n.b. Rain and cool weather will effect the performance of the system. However, if it is cold then the likely hood to want to swim is less. 



Sunbather’s dedication to water and energy conservation has again been recognised with more Climate Care Certifications.

Our Thermal Covers have been certified for some time and now, we are proud to announce that our Flexible Strip Solar, Suntube-2 Rigid Panels and our Automatic Security Covers have been awarded this significant accreditation.

At Sunbather, our focus remains on reducing our pool owner’s water and energy consumption, and as a bonus, reducing their costs!


About Climate care:

he Climate Care Certified Program (CCC) verifies and promotes the sustainability of products, systems and installations used in residential and commercial environments.

The Climate Care Certified Program aims to recognise and promote sustainability in products, systems, and installations used in both residential and commercial settings.

This program was originally developed for the swimming pool and spa industry, but has since expanded to include other sectors such as backyard and lifestyle businesses.

To ensure impartiality, the Climate Care Certified program utilises independent third parties to evaluate and grant certification to applicants. The certification panel is made up of individuals who are highly regarded as experts in their field and hold no conflicts of interest.

Through the Climate Care Certified program, businesses and homeowners are rewarded for choosing environmentally sustainable products, services, and installations that contribute to positive and sustainable lifestyles. Certification signifies that a product, service, or installation meets the highest standards in sustainability, particularly in regards to water consumption, energy efficiency, noise reduction, and innovative solutions.

By obtaining Climate Care Certified status, participants can promote their products, services, and installations as being approved by an industry-recognised, environmentally sustainable program.



Key features and benefits of pool thermal solar heating: (Domestic 30sqm pool, 28 degree target)


How solar heating works, see below for reference:





150mm commercial roller, link HERE

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