Rain harvest - NZ



Due to the looming water crisis, we have partnered with www.rainharvest.co.nz to help you with your pool water levels. 

learn how to fill your pool using the water you collect from your roof and how you need to treat it, so you can use your pool all year round. 

Solar heating:

If you heat your pool you will expect evaporation and you need to be ready to top up your pool. A pool cover is essential, not only to retain the heat, but stop evaporation. Not only are we experts in heating pool, but we also specialise in water retention. 

Pool covers:

A pool cover/ thermal blanket is the main tool to trap in the heat and to reduce the water loss from your pool, during the swimming season.

Do it yourself rain harvest kits







To learn how you can set up your own rain harvest system call 02102332600 or email justin@sunbather.co.nz