Acqua Dos analogical, Automation - 75089 - Acqua Dos

Acqua Dos analogical, Automation - 75089 - Acqua Dos

Acqua Dos analogical

Guardian Pool dosing

• Flow rates: from 4 to 110 l/h
• Max back pressure: up to 16 bar
• Power supply: 100÷240 Vac - 50/60 Hz
• Stroke rate: from 160 to 300 strokes/minute
• Pump head: PVDF
• Diaphragm: PTFE
• External Enclosure: PP reinforced with fiber glass
• Protection degree IP65
• Manually priming valve
• Installation kit: Included


Acqua Dos series analogic dosing pumps with constant flow rate are manually adjustable by a knob mounted
on the front panel.
The flow rate has two frequency ranges:
• 0÷20 % of max flow rate
• 0÷100% of max flow rate
With only 3 sizes that pump can cover a wide range of performances, having a flow rate range from 4 to
110 l/h and a back pressure up to 16 bar. The power supply is 100÷240 Vac – 50/60 Hz therefore the same
pump can operate with different supply voltage.
The pump head is in PVDF, therefore high chemical compatibility with several liquids.
All Acqua Dos series are equipped with a manually priming pump for the start up.
The pump is furnished with a complete standard installation kit, which includes: PVDF foot filter and injection
valve, PVC suction tube, PE delivery tube


Download: HERE