Zodiac EvoluX EX6050 iQ
Zodiac EvoluX EX6050 iQ
Zodiac EvoluX EX6050 iQ
Zodiac EvoluX EX6050 iQ
Zodiac EvoluX EX6050 iQ
Zodiac EvoluX EX6050 iQ
Zodiac EvoluX EX6050 iQ
Zodiac EvoluX EX6050 iQ
Zodiac EvoluX EX6050 iQ
Zodiac EvoluX EX6050 iQ
Zodiac EvoluX EX6050 iQ

Zodiac EvoluX EX6050 iQ

EvoluX EX6050 iQ

  • Sensor Nav System™ maps your pool to optimise cleaning path
  • Patented Cyclonic Suction technology
  • Control and monitor cleaning progress using iAquaLink™ app
  • Transparent canister window with LED illumination
  • Patented Lift System™ makes for easy pool removal
  • Climate Care Certified by Swimming Pool & Spa Association

Robotic cleaners New Zealand.

Combining ultra performance and intelligence

 With its Sensor Nav System™, the EVOLUX iQ™ robotic range identifies the configuration of your pool to optimise the cleaning path and cleaning time. The patented cyclone suction guarantees extremely powerful and long-lasting suction. Thanks to the patented Lift System™, EVOLUX iQ™ is lighter when removing it from the water. Control your cleaner anywhere, anytime through the intuitive interface of the iAquaLink™ App. EVOLUX iQ™ is upgradable thanks to possible optimisations and automatic remote updates over the air.


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Model No. EvoluX EX6000 iQ
Pool surfaces Concrete, pebblecrete, quartzon, fibreglass, vinyl and tiles.
Cleaner weight 10kg
Pool shapes Rectangular, oval, free shape, flat, gentle slope, composite slope, diamond shape
Pool sizes Up to 15m x 7m (21m cable)
Cleaning areas Floors, walls and waterline
Filter capacity 5L
Number of motors 3
Control box supply 200-240 VAC / 50Hz / 60Hz
Power supply / operating power 30V DC / 150W
Cleaner dimensions 43cm x 48cm x 27cm (L x W x H)
Filtration level 100μ filter canister
Packaging gross weight 21kg


Sensor Nav System™

Equipped with a Sensor Nav System™, the EvoluX iQ™ robotic pool cleaner learns your pool’s configuration to fully optimise the cleaning path and cleaning time. The pressure sensor also delivers efficient wall climbing and waterline cleaning by measuring the depth of the pool.

On-Demand control with iAquaLink™ Application

Easily monitor your cleaner’s status with iAquaLink™ Control – total control at your fingertips. It’s intuitive, easy-to-use and connects seamlessly to the home Wi-Fi. You can even choose from pre-set and customised cleaning modes, including options for your pool by pool shape, cleaning intensity, cleaning area and duration.


Patented Cyclonic Suction Technology

Combining the constant power of its patented Cyclonic Suction with an impressive filtration system, the EvoluXiQ™ sets the benchmark in debris collection and suction efficiency. 


Patented Lift System

 The patented Lift System™ allows the cleaner to be lighter and completely effortless when it is removed from the water. With easy access to the filter and the visibility of a transparent window, the EvoluX iQ™ makes for the ultimate pool cleaning experience.