Magna Pool Minerals
Magna Pool Minerals
Magna Pool Minerals
Magna Pool Minerals
Magna Pool Minerals
Magna Pool Minerals
Magna Pool Minerals
Magna Pool Minerals

Magna Pool Minerals

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MagnaPool® Minerals

  • A researched and patented blend of minerals
  • No added sodium, a truly unique formula
  • A refreshing, rejuvenating and relaxing swimming experience
  • Gentle for bathers and kind to the environment


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Scientifically silky.

Indulge in resort-style luxury within the comforts of your backyard with the original and authentic mineral pool system, MagnaPool®. To set yourself up you will need a Hydroxinator®, glass media for your filter (oversized cartridge filters are acceptable, although glass media is the preferred filtration method for ongoing maintenance) and genuine MagnaPool® minerals. 

Do not accept any imitation minerals, only MagnaPool® is the patented and fully researched blend.

MagnaPool® Minerals soften and produce silky, sparking clear pool water that is gentle on skin, eyes and hair. MagnaPool® water provides a sense of relaxation and invigoration so good that we guarantee you'll never want to swim in anything else.

Reduces the need for many additional chemicals helping to keep your maintenance to a minimal cost. Plus, when diluted*, MagnaPool® backwash can be used for gardening or irrigation to help your plants flourish. *We recommend a dilution of 5 water - 1 backwash water. Please note, you must abide by the local environmental laws regarding backwash water in your area. 

MagnaPool® minerals in conjunction with our filtration provides unrivaled water clarity. Your pool will sparkle and have a clarity and depth about it that you will have never seen before. Experience crystal clear water that doesn't irritate your eyes with MagnaPool®. 

After years and years of research and development, the patented blend of magnesium and potassium minerals provides a highly-effective sanitising properties when used as part of a MagnaPool® system. There is no need to add nor is there any added salt (sodium) in a MagnaPool®; our unique blend is unlike anything else available. It is the original and authentic mineral pool.