DIY Solar Kit

DIY Solar Kit

Do it yourself solar kit (DIY kit). We supply most of the gear. You will need to buy some additional parts and equipment to complete the installation. 

You will receive a comprehensive plan.

Parts include:

  • Solar collector
  • Manifold 
  • Vac break valve
  • Fittings to complete roof install
  • Solar pump
  • Solar controller, including sensor (2x)
  • Roof brackets
  • Opti valve (if required)
  • Freight additional
  • Does not include pipe from pump shed to roof ( We can quote for additional pipe)

Contact us with your address so we can take a look on GIS maps. We can measure and come up with a plan. Also email photos of pump shed, including the filter and return line back to the pool. This will help us to indicate where plumbing is required.

For more info email or call 02102332600